Here we are, Raich: heart and handcraft

Hey you.Here we are!

The Raichs, Speck producers with heart and soul. Always a family business and always in love with tradition. What could be better than pursuing a passion together? We share the love for the careful production of bacon the South Tyrolean way, sealed with the quality mark PGI.
What we need for this is not much: two busy hands, a handful of loyal employees, a large portion of passion and our over 100-year-old, well-kept family recipe. And that, with all honesty, remains a secret...
Family power instead of industrial enterprise, craftsmanship and heart: only these ingredients and a few selected raw materials are in Raich's bacon. After all, it is in the simplicity that the simply delicious taste lies. Mohlzeit!


Behind the scenes

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Familienpower statt Industriebetrieb,

Handwerk & Herz: Nur diese Zutaten und ein paar ausgewählte Rohstoffe stecken im Speck von Raich.

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